Daniel Newman Nearly Died In a Car Accident Before Walking Dead

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Video Transcript:

Driver Who Ran Red Lights Kills pedestrian

So i was walking um down um the street and i started to cross the intersection at a red light and uh.I heard i i honestly am kind of putting pieces together, but i heard like a noise and i turned and um it was the middle of the night and the drunk driver ran the red lights um.I think, with their headlights off and ran over me about 50 miles an hour 50 like that’s what they said.So that’s death for most people yeah, i mean yeah um, so everything on my right side was broken.On my teeth on my jaw, my skull was wide open.Oh, my god, my nose um all of my arm my leg, my ribs, my hip, everything on the right side and then i flipped over the car after crashing the whole front of it and landed like with my head.So a lot of brain damage, so the whole thing was a crazy miracle.Um, besides being a nightmare, uh witnesses called cedar.

A Teenager’s Journey to Recovery After a Coma

Cyanide that came out brought me back to life coma um, then dozens of surgeries and yeah, just just got a brand new life, had to learn how to talk again i’ll get get a new jaw.I had to learn how to walk again um.I had to study facebook and journals and news and stuff to kind of learn my life and learn what happened before the accident.But the biggest thing was is to kind of look in the mirror and see myself over time healing back to normal and when i was doing so much of the the physical therapy and recovery.You just see.You know, kids, that had slipped in the shower and they are paralyzed.

Coping with a traumatic brain injury

You know for the rest of their life they’re having people have to wipe them and clean them and take care of them and um people that fell off a bike and are paralyzed or you know, had to get things amputated, and so it made me abundantly grateful And realize how lucky and fortunate i am, and it really changed my whole life to um to really want to to live, to use whatever i can to help people.So it was a big life lesson like change.How long was your recovery was?That are we talking like a year.Two years more, i mean i’m still mentally recovering, like i’m still always like um coming across memories, that you know i mean my parents, my family’s just given up on me.They’Re, like oh, you remember, you know when we were at christmas and blah blah blah, i’m just like no but but um physically.It was a miracle.It was miraculous um.I was up walking really quickly within a matter of months and the doctors were just like.

California Drivers Get Away With Crimes Against The Homeless

We don’t know what’s in your like dna, but your bones are healing like at lightning speed, um, my tendons, my muscles were just healing, lightning, fast, um and then i had to get more surgeries to then i had to kind of relearn from scratch again again, but I’M guessing the driver kept going yeah um.The whole thing is like a movie, so the uh in california.You have the front license plates as well, and that got ripped off by my jeans.It was like laying next to me in a pool of blood.What and uh and the dude didn’t have any insurance and in california they just for whatever reason, don’t care um.He was out for, i think about two years, getting more duis um, really yeah, because there was such a backlog in the system and then once we.

Husband’s Drunk Driving Accident Leaves Him With a Hospital Bill

Finally went to court, i had like a million dollar hospital bill um, they were just like well, he doesn’t have any prior arrests before that date and it was yeah because i’m alive uh, it was an accident, it was a hit-and-run drunk driving accident, so they gave Him something like uh, i can’t remember what it was.It was like super angry.It was something like 40 weekends in jail over five years.Whenever he chose to do survey and for good behavior uh, he could get off good behavior.Oh my god.Jesus yeah and you i thought california was more progressive than that you’d think.Maybe if it had happened in texas, it would have been a little bit more hard-nosed.Geez

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