How OnlyJayus Became TikTok’s Most Hated Creator

OnlyJayus’ TikTok story is one like no other. Despite having incredibly uncontroversial content, she’s managed to find herself on the political TikTok battlefield every couple of months for the last three years. It began with simple complaints about hate comments, and has since escalated to the point where OnlyJayus cannot even make a simple joke without being cancelled, along the way having beefed with creators like Acrello, AuntKaren0, PapaGut, and TheJonathanMoss. This video will cover that transition, and in the process, explain how OnlyJayus became TikTok’s most hated creator.

This is, How OnlyJayus Became TikTok’s Most Hated Creator.

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This video was heavily inspired by Bills “The Downfall Of OnlyJayus: The Most Hated Content Creator On TikTok!”, big thanks to him, you can watch his version here:

Video Transcript:

Jaya’s “N-word Lover” Apology Draws Crit

In my past i said disgusting things to people, and i am so ashamed of myself for using racist rhetoric, and i am so sorry to everyone, but especially to those in the black community, because only you guys can forgive me for this one of the worst i’ve Ever seen, she definitely took notes from the other.Crappy ones is how a youtube comment described only jaya’s public apology, following just one of her numerous different tick, tock controversies.What is going on with you white saviors that keep trying to defend jays for saying n-word lover.Bro, you must say it too.

Only JS is More Prone to Getting Involved in Controversy

This is what makes only js’s story unique despite having incredibly uncontroversial content if you’re at a house party – and you got a drink in your hand, don’t hold it up here by your chest: try to hold it more down towards your hip.This will make you seem more open and confident and people be more willing to come up and talk to you she’s found herself in a big scandal on the political, tick tock battlefield every couple of months for the last three years.At this point, people of color should not be following only js.Why is only js more prone to getting involved in these types of controversies?Is it something to do with how she responds to those critical of her?

Why Only JS is Hated on TikTok

I barely text my family back and i just had to move apartments because my address got leaked and you’re gon na throw a fit, because i didn’t make you my priority.After a petition to ban only js from tiktok garnered over 400 000 signatures, it’d be safe to say that she’s, a contender for the platform’s most hated creator and while such a title seems unfair without any further information or knowledge.As we go through explaining how this hatred came to be, the reason for this title would become blatantly obvious and it all began with a tweet made by only jais on the 9th of april 2020, just 12 months after she began posting videos to the website.I constantly feel, like nobody actually likes me, so when i see thousands of hate comments, saying yeah, i never liked only js she’s, so annoying jay seems like a horrible person that pushed me to the edge, the harsh and possibly even backwards reality of life is that Those who acknowledge and complain about hate only end up receiving more hate.

Jonathon Moss’ reputation as a creator who would respond to negative criticism

In the beginning, only js likely received a pretty standard amount of negative feedback owing to maybe a slightly annoying delivery, as she mentioned in her tweet.The problem that only js had was that she really struggled to ignore criticism and always seemed to give way too much attention to any situation in which there was some kind of negative sentiment against her name.It’S gon na be a running theme throughout this whole video, but it started with her simple inability to ignore basic negative comments such as yeah.I never liked only js, which is a pretty tame comment, giving her a foundational reputation as someone who would crack.If you simply applied enough pressure three months later, this reputation as a creator who would respond to negative criticism would continue, after only js discovered, that another creator by the name of the jonathan moss, had been copying.

Did you know that your birth month has a huge effect on your life

Some of her videos word for word: did you know that your birth month actually has a huge effect on who you are as a person and the things that could possibly happen to you yo?Did you know that your birth blood actually has a huge effect on you and the things that can happen to you in your life?People born in march are way more likely to have asthma, and i can actually speak to this one, because my little sister, the only one born in march, has born in march are actually more likely to have asthma, and i can speak to that because my cousin, The only person born in march [, Music ] has asthma only jazz would respond to the copied videos in a tweet reading.Tik-Tok creators should be called out when they copy other tik-tok creators.Videos word for word.

Jonathan moss copied a video from google and was ridiculed by his audience

Alongside a video calling out the jonathan moss directly jonathan responded by stating that he’d simply found the information on google and, as a result, only js was berated and mocked by her audience with them, stating that she was in the wrong for copying the information from google.This information is from a website.Why are you copying?A copier copied from google then complains when others do the same, which business insider article is.This from there was clearly a bit of an injustice being done here to state that our information was invalid, because it was found on.Google has got to be one of the dumbest arguments ever made.What did they expect her to do?Find some old, 1850s foundational manuscript covered in dust at the national library and take her facts from there.Jonathan moss had clearly copied her videos word for word.After only js had posted them originally meaning there was no doubt about who copied who?

Jazz’s Response to being Called Out for Copying Google in a

However, only js was still painted as being in the wrong for one simple reason: they knew they could get a reaction out of her if they simply applied enough pressure, which they eventually would, after receiving hundreds of negative comments on her response, only jazz would take to Reddit stating he said that he found it on google, which i mean he did, but only after watching my video, i’m now getting a huge amount of hate people are saying, i’m lying, i copied google too, i’m problematic, i should be cancelled, etc.I have a hard time dealing with the negativity.I still don’t know what to do.I don’t think i’ve done anything wrong.Maybe you do, but honestly i don’t see it now.

JS Calls Out SJWs for “Brand New Colossal-sized Cont

You probably wouldn’t go so far as to say that only jays was playing the victim, but she was once again complaining about the circumstances that she had found herself in and, to reiterate, the point from earlier complaining about hate doesn’t make it go away, but rather amplifies It as the audience will look for increasingly petty things to berate you, for with this in mind, it’s barely surprising to find out that approximately six months later, an old message would be dug up, in which only js had said the n-word taking center stage as her Brand new colossal-sized controversy: i love you, no matter your sex, your gender, your sexuality, your faith or your race, because that didn’t age.Well, because this you at the bottom calling someone the hard er a word used to oppress black people.So i don’t trust people with savior complexes bro.I feel like it’s always a second agenda behind what you do.If you say it’s two to three years old, you were 20 years old when you said it.

Addison cancels show after old tweets from 2016 surface

The other day addison was cancelled for old blm tweets from 2016 Let’S see if everyone keeps the same energy you’re, a role model to 10 million people bro, i hope things get better and i hope you educate.There are a couple of comments in support of only js, however, as a whole, and understandably, the response was mostly negative.All these white people saying it happened four years ago.Literally, it doesn’t matter, she did it and needs to take responsibility.The hard er she’s done and at only js you got caught in 4k.The best way that jazz could have responded to this expose would have either been no response at all or a short cool calm collected, unemotional, post or video.

JS Apologizes For Racist Comments, Tells Audience They

Alternatively, she could have thrown a real curveball and simply said, i’m not sorry, which would have actually been respectable.As it’s a hundred times harder than simply getting in front of the camera and blurting out some pre-written stupid script, with the goal of suppressing the criticism in the short term, however, with a track record, like only js, obviously she did none of these and rather posted A long emotionally charged scripted generic social media apology, which felt as though it was designed to trick the audience into coming away with a specific feeling, as is usually the case with these types of public apologies.And there is no excuse and there are no justifications for what i said and you guys deserve better.

The apology of YouTube personality Jaiussoo was met with mixed

And when i first saw the screenshots, i didn’t even think that they were real, because i forgot how hateful and how angry of a person i used to be another youtuber, slash tick tocker by the name of papa god who spoke to jaius on the phone prior To the apology thought that the intentions were sincere and that the apology was simply delivered poorly, i actually had a conversation, a private phone call conversation with js about this situation.She seemed pretty sincere about how sorry she was again like i said i thought she was being genuine.What she produced was rough.It was less than stellar.Others such as freight, the gemini, were less optimistic.You literally hit us with a playboy cardi, album all that suspense just for it to be trash.The worst insult you could tell somebody was liking.

New Netflix series cuts ties with jazz musician after controversial tweets

Black people, wow, with a scandal being shared across every platform imaginable.Only js would also lose all of her sponsors, as well as a netflix podcast she’d, been hosting by the name of know it all at tinder.This is what your walking ad is saying.She has a netflix podcast.Everyone needs to tag at netflix.Netflix has cut ties with jazz big dubs.Only js was clearly feeling the pressure and understandably wanted to make things right with her audience.So she’d end the apology by stating that she wanted to share my platform with some amazing black creators who are going to tell their story to try and educate others on the trauma that happens when we use this kind of language, which would eventually result in her And another african-american content created by the name of aunt karen agreeing to collaborate on only js’s channel.In addition to this two weeks after the apology, only js would go to the effort of posting a video talking about how she had read a book on anti-racism.

Dr. Kennedy’s How to be Anti-racist Book Falls Flat with

The first book that i decided to pick up was how to be anti-racist by dr ibram kennedy, and this will push readers that think that they’re not racist into being something better to her credit, she did acknowledge that it was a grift in the title stating.I know it might come off as performative talking about this at the end of black history month, but i’m trying to just educate myself and use my platform for good.However, her audience wasn’t buying any of the lies.I bet after this video she just tossed the book like it’s nothing.That seems like an amazing book for you, but i think you missed some pages.Maybe you missed a few chapters.Read it again, but hey at least she was still in the process of sharing her platform with some other black content creators as she promised right.Well, no, so this message is for you only js after your whole n word debacle said: you want to collaborate with me.We email and suddenly you’ve dropped off the face of the earth.

Black people are tokens that white creators use to avoid accountability when they make

Are black people just tokens for you to use when you’re ready to play?If you were really truly sorry about what you said, you would not have lied and said you were going to do something you clearly aren’t trying to do.The tick tock essentially outlined that, after agreeing to collaborate, only js would ghost this creator by the name of aunt karen.Once everyone had forgotten about the drama now to only js’s credit aunt, karen’s call-out was even more pathetic than js’s original apology, because setting up a collaboration with another creator can be incredibly difficult.There’S always problems relating to difference in content, style, difference in schedule.Difference in time zones the problem of coming up with a video idea that will be a hit with both audiences.What part of the script do i allocate to the other person, etc, etc?

Aunt Karen’s Argument in the Callout Is Invalid

Yet aunt karen’s argument in the callout was because only js goes to me.She’S, therefore, a racist, why not just be racist, just say you’re racist now, maybe there was some racism involved in the decision who knows, but it’s still a lazy, low-hanging fruit argument designed to create drama out of the highly likely reality being.That collaborations are just incredibly difficult to set up successfully.In addition to this, a feature on only jss page, with over 10 million, followers is going to cost a brand, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, despite only js, offering one of these spots to aunt karen.For free and karen still seemed to narcissistically think that she was the one providing only js with the opportunity.I really gave you an opportunity.I really said you know what aunt karen, let’s see what she has to say: let’s see how we can mutually help each other on karen’s callout was entitled and poorly thought out, but not invalid.

Jace May Promised to Respond to a Girl, but Hasn

For one simple reason only just made a promise.There are obviously exceptions, but most of the time, if you say you’re gon na, do something publicly you have to follow through with it or people are going to notice.Jace would initially discuss the ghosting in an instagram voice message, so i am sorry for basically ghosting.You i didn’t mean to do that.I just have a very chaotic schedule and adhd on top of that, so i genuinely just forgot it wasn’t me trying to ignore you um.You could have just hit me up again, but instead you decided to go public and try to add public pressure onto me and that’s not cool.So i don’t want to collaborate which once again received a response from aunt karen, explaining that she had emailed only.js multiple times with no reply.You’Re gon na put it on me in your voicemail.You said i should have emailed you again april 4th i emailed you how many times do you expect me to message you waiting on you to continuously ghost me now.

Jsjs’s Memory Problems Cause Problems with Email Management

Only js probably could have left it at that, and the drama would have been over within four weeks.However, as papa gut said, most accurately, for whatever reason, jaius doesn’t know how to just stop like when somebody criticizes, jsjs responds and that’s the worst thing, and in classic only js fashion, she’d post, another emotionally charged response to the drama.Today’S episode of what are people mad at me for now not checking my emails in a timely manner, because i was choking forgot to respond to an email from this creator that wanted to collab with me, and you know instead of just like hitting me up again.They made seven videos about it.Can you please leave me the glow?I have a diagnosed neurological disorder.That makes me forget things and procrastinate due to time blindness i forget to eat for days.I procrastinate we mentioned earlier that the more attention only js gave to each of these scandals the more she’d be held accountable for increasingly petty incidents.

The collapse of js’s channel

Well after this explosive response, the things that her audience would call her out and were taken to the absolute extreme.For example, she would post this video.You can get your letters delivered for free without any postage, if you just put where you want it to go on the return address, instead of where it’s actually supposed to be, which would get the post office activists involved.With comments such as yes, please encourage people to do activities that cause the already failing post office to lose more money or when she posts this video, saying nothing more than what degree she did.So i got my college degrees in math and computer science, which means that i was never really good at writing to receive comments such as i thought you would have majored in saying slower sciences.However, it eventually got to the point where only js couldn’t even make jokes anymore, without being cancelled seriously.On the 23rd of may 2021, only js will post the following video.

Joke about taking a wallet leads to girl being harassed online

If a service dog ever approaches you but they’re alone, that means that their owner is in trouble and they probably can’t move.So you should follow him because you’ll get a free wallet, it was clearly a light-hearted joke, summed up in comments such as she probably said.The wallet thing to lighten the mood of something bad.Obviously she wouldn’t take a wallet and probably knew that most people would bro.Do people get this as a joke.Y’All are so sensitive, however, the rest of her audience simply saw yet another opportunity to put only just through another period of hardship, can’t believe this is still up.It’S obvious that it’s a joke, but some people may still do it.It could start a trend.What you post on the internet reaches so many people and some of those people may be inconsiderate or apathetic towards others and do something wrong as a joke.That highly affects another person, take some youtube and tiktok prank channels, for example.

No Service Dog User Should Listen To Only Js The petition

When is it going to be enough to say only js is not a good creator should not be followed and should not be listened to my child.They are a service dog user.This is not a kind of joke.You want to be putting out there.It’S not funny to anybody who uses a service dog with all this in mind.The petition, with over 400 000 signatures to have only js band, is barely a surprise.She dug herself into a hole by displaying an inability to switch off from the audience after being involved in scandal after scandal after scandal.Sometimes, criticism from the audience is genuine and can be spotted easily because it’s worded in a constructive way, but a lot of the time without them, even realizing it.

Jayas’s inability to switch off leads to a never-ending freight

People write mean or critical things just to see if you’re the type of person a crack respond or apologize, as has been the case throughout only jayas’s entire ticktock career she’s been tested over and over and over yet has been unable to switch off.And let things go whenever she’s been put under pressure as an end result, there’s not only a loss of respect, but also a never-ending freight train of negativity and hatred. [, Music, ]

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