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A well-respected member of the community, Jill Halliburton Su, resided in the gated community of Davie in Florida along with her husband, Nan Yao Su and their 20-year-old son, Justin Su. The loving mother of one was known to be a generous and kindhearted person, as she always used her influence and affluence to give back to the community. Furthermore, being the grand niece of Halliburton oil empire’s founder, Jill was an heir to the massive oil business and lived a pretty luxurious life. However, a horrific tragedy awaited the family as Jill was found murdered in her own house under mysterious circumstances on September 8, 2014. While ‘Dateline: The Figure in the House’ chronicles the gruesome murder and charts out the ensuing police investigation, let’s find out what Jill’s net worth was at the time of her death, shall we?

How Did Jill Halliburton Su Earn Her Money?

Born on March 16, 1955, in Whittier, California, Jill, along with her family, shifted states to Michigan when she was just eleven years old. Reports mention that Jill Halliburton Su was directly related to the massive Halliburton oil empire as she was the grand-niece of its founder, Erle P. Halliburton. This connection made her an heir to the business, although Jill was not involved in the day-to-day affairs of the company. Nevertheless, Jill completed her higher studies at the University of Michigan, and reports mention that Jill even studied a semester abroad in Japan, which is when she met her husband, Nan Yao Su.

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From a young age, Jill was very interested in art and would often create unique pieces all on her own. This interest multiplied as she grew up, and sources state that Jill would constantly scour through antique and thrift shops, looking for items she could work on. She even exhibited her art regularly at the annual Ann Arbor, Michigan, art fair and in the process, gathered a small but tight-knit group of fans.

Furthermore, Jill was a well-respected philanthropist and loved to give back to society. She was a longtime member of the Insight for the Blind club, and apart from extending financial and other forms of help, she even regularly volunteered to record audiobooks for the blind. Her volunteering earned her immense respect, and Jill, as well as her husband, were looked up to in their society. Even Jill’s marriage to Nan Yao Su boosted her net worth considerably, as Nan was a brilliant scientist and a professor at the University of Florida. While the couple shared a son, Justin, they earned enough to live a comfortable life and at the time of Jill’s murder, was residing in a $1.2 million house. Moreover, the family even undertook regular vacation trips abroad, which gives a clear indication of their wealth.

Jill Halliburton Su’s Net Worth

Considering Jill and her family’s luxurious lifestyle, we can safely say that they were pretty affluent. Hence, considering Jill’s various avenues of income, her marriage, as well as her connection to the Halliburton oil empire, we believe her net worth at the time of her death to be around $5 million.

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